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  1. 1 policeman sows fear
  2. CIA kills American citizen in Yemeni with missile fired from drone
  3. Arresting Joe Arizona reveals absurdity of Arpaio and Co.
  4. Questionable competency from promoters of unconstitutional 'war'
  5. Detroit Free Press -- Federal Agents Make Random Check Points
  6. Man mistakenly prosecuted on drug charges wins $500,000
  7. Woman who had 17 sex toys in car faces charge
  8. Georgia Judge Allows For Mass Search of Protesters
  10. Military wants right to down passenger jets
  11. How RAF will shoot down airliners
  12. $200,000 settles suit against Arpaio
  13. Maricopa County has paid $200,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a former deputy
  14. Chandler officer's arrest stuns police (normally pigs don't get arrested when they commit crimes)
  15. Surveillance law permits cloak-and-dagger spying
  16. Officer charged with murder in woman's shooting
  17. public often has a misconception that officers can be perfect all the time (the pig that said that must be smoking crack)
  18. Iranians may spare professor Death sentence brought protests
  19. An internal probe has cleared the FBI agents who obtained a false confession
  20. Pigs illegally search al-Qaida leader's computer and cellphone
  21. Arresting Joe Arizona reveals absurdity of Arpaio and Co.
  22. Appeals court upholds La.'s 197-year-old law against oral, anal sex
  23. High court to rule if libraries must filter out Internet porn
  24. 'Material witnesses' often held months without testifying
  25. Bush aide defends missile strike
  26. U.S. Predator missile attack that killed six suspected al-Qaida terrorists
  27. U.S. Hails Attack on Car, Yemen Silent
  28. CIA missile strike kills key al-Qaida operative in Yemen
  29. Al-Qaida top aide killed by missile
  30. Overwhelming odor in Apache Junction
  31. The death of Dawn Rae Nelson was simply not necessary
  32. Recent U.S. alerts - they were all false!
  33. Death of a prescription-fraud suspect
  34. officer charged with murder in a civilian shooting.
  35. Ten Commandments monument, parkland sale sought in Md. Would end fight about memorial
  36. Ex-officer with history of mental illness behind hijack attempt, police say
  37. Police shoot suspected drug dealer
  38. Mesa police were ordered to shell out $500,000 after a Maricopa County jury found the department was negligent when it falsely accused Markley of selling drugs
  39. the U.S. government is actually contemplating an unprovoked war against Iraq
  40. The Embarrassment and Illegality of the No-Fly Zones
  41. SWAT team invades wrong house; 2 hurt
  42. NC drug case dropped, seized money kept
  43. FEAR: Fwd: Fw: A Modest Story...a Draconian Outcome
  44. The only persons guilty of impersonating police officers are those thugs from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
  45. russian web page which is calling america a police state and it right
  46. President Bush's plan for going to war with Iraq
  47. Homeschoolers get knock on door from police
  48. Appeals Court Rules e-mail users have no privacy rights
  49. Iranian prof's sentence of death is appealed
  50. Justices to hear challenge to Texas' gay sodomy ban
  51. Investigators are unsure if police-shooting victim pointed gun at officers (he had a gun so the pigs)
  52. Townsfolk unwitting case study 1920s tests backed sterilization theory
  53. CIA can kill citizens who aid al-Qaida
  54. CIA can kill citizens who aid al-Qaida
  55. Calls from Maricopa County jail taped illegally
  56. Phoenix cops shake down victims of Police crimes
  57. Jail inmates' attorneys seek probe of illegal tapings
  58. Ex-forest employee admits to setting fire (cops & government people never commit crimes - yea sure)
  59. Convictions may fall in brutal Central Park attack (for those of you who think juries never convect innocent people)
  60. Prosecutors want convictions tossed in Central Park jogger assault
  61. Stevi's Secret She is Libertarian (execpt for the gun thing)
  62. Solicitor-registration ordinance unconstitutional
  63. Bell Canada Phone Bills Reveal Government Bugging times
  64. Bell Canada Phone Bills Reveal Government Bugging
  65. Designated 'Combatants' Lose Legal Protections
  66. RIAA vs. Naval Academy: Cadets' PCs seized
  67. Oregon governor apologizes for forced sterilizations
  68. FEAR: Wrongly seized $1M going back to Fleet customers
  69. Cops use stolen funds to but "shiny new badges"
  70. Federal hunters search Ariz., N.M. for gray wolves Linked to several livestock attacks
  71. Investigator testifies sniper misread threat in police murder
  72. Policeman faces trial in Arizona bigamy case
  73. 8,000 DPS files vanish as a racial profiling case arises?
  74. Bush takes financial leap of faith
  75. Governor restores rights of FBI agent jailed in Ruby Ridge probe
  76. Female lawmakers urge Iran to end stoning for adultery
  77. Authority of CIA to kill widened
  78. Arizona justices uphold detention of sex offenders (well you can just take the constitution and shove it up your)
  79. Your employees papers please??
  80. Phoenix Copwatch
  81. Pat Schwind
  82. Strategic Edge Business Alliance

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